360 Kayaking LLC was established in April 2015 by Ted and Janet Dozier to provide outdoor adventure for the Junction City area.

  • Outdoor adventure for the single soldiers as well as family fun. 
  • No need to own the equipment or transport the equipment, rent from 360 kayaking and Ted will take care of you. 
  • There are a few places you can rent kayaks and canoes from, but you have to transport them yourself. 
  • 360 kayaking is offering you an adventure on the river or lake. Ted drops off the equipment you need: the canoe, kayak, children kayak, life vest, and oars that you will need. 
  • The river adventure starts at the Kansas River Junction City Boat Ramp in Grant Park on Grant Ave, Junction City, Kansas.  Ted will meet you there help you with the equipment and get you on your way then he will pick you up after you have traveled nine miles down river and bring you back to your car. 
  • The river adventure is best for adults who will enjoy the challenge of the conquest and the peace and quiet of the river with multiple species of birds to see along the way.  
  • For single soldiers or others who might want more of a work-out than just nine miles of river, make arrangements to start at Ogden and go all the way to Manhattan for 25 miles.  Ted will pick you up and bring you back to your car.
  • Please use plenty of sunscreen and bring plenty of water to drink.
  • Once you start the river there is no turning back until you get to the boat ramp in Ogden.
  • Ted can also meet you at the boat ramp in Ogden and pick you up in Manhattan for a 14 mile trip.
  • Dating and tired of the dinner and a movie routine, try something new.
  • As a family going out on the Geary State Fishing Lake the children's kayak will be fun and easy for the kids, be sure to pack a cooler and put sunscreen on, then enjoy the day.  You will be able to tether the children's kayak to your kayak or canoe so you can keep them in reach of you if you need to. 
  • For children under 5 years old you can rent a canoe and they can enjoy the lake with you. 
  • Dating and tired of the dinner and a movie routine, try something new.  
  • Milford Lake has many places to put in at.  Unfamiliar with the lake try dedication point.